As Presence assumes the many forms, so too is one drawn
to the one true effort, which is the one true invitation,
which is the one true liberation,

as the one true refuge,
as the one true Self, Presence.


as THIS all IS

Satsang is the invitation to come to rest, to close the apparent gap of imagined distance, to be present to and as what is, to inquire as to the nature of experience and the experience of nature,

free of the notion of appearances and objects. To be aware as Awareness, to see that which is seeing, to know True Nature as that which does not come and go, and to recognize that which is always here, Presence, as one is That. Satsang is the Love of Truth, and the Truth of Love. To simply meet with one, as One, there is only sharing. Not from a person, not to a person. Presence recognizes itself.

Guidance is ever present as Presence, Grace. This invitation is Divine. This is the true essence of what arises, expressed and manifested as Satsang. Peace and Blessings, All Love



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